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From Detection to Integration

May 1, 2024

From Detection to Integration: How Our District Embraced AI in Education

When I first joined the district that I am currently at as an instructional design coach, the conversation around AI was narrowly focused on detection—specifically, the potential purchase of tools like Turnitin to catch students using AI to cheat. But a simple scroll through Twitter changed everything. I discovered Brisk Teaching, a platform that not only detects AI use but also offers comprehensive tools for educators. This discovery pivoted our district's approach from merely detecting AI to fully integrating it.

What is Brisk Teaching?

Brisk Teaching is not only about detecting AI use; it also offers tools for teachers to create lesson plans, quizzes, provide essay feedback, and adjust text level. Our school became a pilot program for Brisk Teaching in August 2023, and we’ve witnessed its remarkable growth ever since. Teachers are saving countless hours of time and able to create lessons like never before.

Implementing AI in Small Town USA

People often ask, "How did you do it? How were you able to implement AI effectively in a small-town setting?" The answer lies in the forward-thinking mindset of our administration, our teachers who have embraced it instead of being afraid of it and our students who can’t wait to explore new ways of learning. I must say, they gave me the freedom to run with it! And when I mean run...I sprinted!

First Semester: Focus on Teachers

We dedicated our first semester to our teachers. It was crucial they had the chance to engage with AI tools firsthand, to explore their capabilities, and understand their potential to save time and enhance teaching. I introduced them to not only Brisk Teaching but also Curipod and MagicSchool. This initial phase was about building confidence and familiarity, setting our teachers up for success before bringing students into the mix.

Second Semester: Student Engagement

With our teachers prepared, we shifted our focus to students. I developed an advisory lesson on AI, which included an interactive experience in 'BYTE', an AI educational space created by Code Breaker. Our high school students delved into AI ethics, data privacy, and applications culminating in creating infographics about what they learned. This hands-on approach helped clarify AI for students and integrated it seamlessly into their learning experience.

Expanding AI Integration

Our journey didn’t stop there. We've now incorporated SchoolAI, which allows for AI personalized learning environments or ‘spaces.’ Tools like Canva’s text to image and Curipod’s state testing generators have transformed how our students express their creativity and prepare for assessments. MagicStudent has been another great tool for providing feedback on essays based on specific rubrics.

A Community of Support

The success stories emerging from both teachers and students are numerous, and none of this would have been possible without our incredible team of administrators. They didn’t just allow me to walk with AI—they let me sprint. Through in-service training days and "lunch and learns," we’ve nurtured an environment where educators are empowered to innovate and inspire.

Looking Forward

Our district’s journey from viewing AI merely as a tool for detection to embracing it as a cornerstone of educational innovation demonstrates a significant shift in mindset. As AI continues to evolve, so too will our strategies for integrating this technology into every classroom, ensuring all students benefit from these advanced tools.

Embracing AI has transformed our educational landscape, proving that even in small towns, big technological shifts are not only possible but essential for preparing our students for the future.