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Welcome to a curated collection of professional development materials that I've created to inspire and equip educators with innovative strategies for enhancing classroom learning. These resources cover a range of topics, from leveraging AI tools and integrating creative technologies to fostering personalized learning experiences and promoting student engagement.


OETC ‘24

OETC ‘24



Anything Extra

The steps I took to integrate AI into a rural school district.

AI tools to use with littles. Highlighting both teacher tools and student tools.


Week of AI

Participants in this session will explore the transformative capabilities of School.ai, learning how to create customized learning 'Spaces' and AI teacher assistants that cater to diverse student needs. They will gain practical skills in using School.ai to personalize education, boost student engagement, and achieve measurable improvements in learning outcomes.

Step into a world where animals talk and adventure awaits! In our "Farmville Tales" session, attendees will use School AI to craft engaging stories from the viewpoint of a farm animal in the vibrant world of Farmville. They'll then bring these tales to life using Adobe Express 'Animate Your Voice' for narration and 'Text to Image' to create matching scenic backgrounds. This workshop is a perfect blend of creativity, AI, and storytelling, allowing attendees to explore the side of technology while developing empathy and narrative skills. Join us for an imaginative journey into the heart of Farmville! #weekofai