Alyssa Faubion is an Instructional Design Coach ​with a decade of teaching experience, known ​for integrating technology in education and ​creating EdTech videos with her farm animals ​as "Farmer Faubs".

Join us as we gather around the kitchen ​counter—a place where great conversations ​and learning come together. Each episode ​features heartfelt stories and insightful ​discussions about education, straight from the ​grandma’s kitchen.

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These are tools I recommend for educators to use for themselves and students.

Here, you'll find a collection professional development resources that I’ve created to share with educators to enhance learning in the classroom.

About Alyssa faubion

Alyssa Faubion is an Instructional Design Coach at ​Forward Edge/Bethel-Tate, where she brings over a ​decade of expertise to enhancing educational ​environments. Alyssa excels in integrating advanced ​technologies into the classroom, including artificial ​intelligence, which she uses to promote innovative ​problem-solving and creative learning among both ​teachers and students. Outside the classroom, Alyssa—​affectionately known as Farmer Faubs—enjoys the tranquil ​life on her family farm, surrounded by her beloved ​animals. She has had the pleasure of being selected as a ​Classroom Innovator for the 2023 AIR Show. Her work with ​AI and creative technologies exemplifies her dedication to ​pushing educational boundaries and preparing students ​for a rapidly evolving digital world.


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April 17, 2024

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